Bingo Bubble Dolphin


Share colorful bubbles around the place with the Dolphin bubble gun from Bingo.
100% safe and holds the quality mark (EN71) that compliant to European and international standards.

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The Dolphin bubble gun from Bingo makes colorful bubbles surround the place with delightful fun.

Bingo Bubbles – Dolphin Bubble Gun
Age: +3

How to play:

Open the bottle
Uncover the protective velum
Pour the bubbles’ liquid into the cap of the bottle
Dip the bubble blower into the cap
Press the trigger to blow out colorful bubbles


Must be under adult supervision.
Do not let the toy or the liquid touches the mouths or the eyes.
Not for drinking.

Manufacturing: Made by Bingo Global for Trading & Supplies S.A.E the market leader in the toy industry, all our products are 100% Safe and have the quality mark (EN71) and manufactured in our factories in China.